Mezzoforte Surprise

Mezzoforte Surprise – Babs
2000-09-14  – 2012-08-08

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Babs was the little girl I didn’t intend to keep… I was so convinced she would have a terrible fawn color, and I didn’t really like her… she was the one puppy allways running away, the only one who NEVER came when I called… and the one who didn’t really bother to play with the other puppies… she always had her own things to do.

When growing up, she looked terrible !!! But didn’t you know – the ugly duckling became the beautiful swan ! She has done great in dog shows, and I only hope she will continue like that. She became a Norwegian Showchampion in her first attempt in open class – just like her mother. During the years I managed to get her qualified for working class B, which is qualifying for both the International championship and the Swedish championship :). She also was Denish champion, and Estonian champion. She also got some winnertitles:
KBHV04  (Kopenhagenwinner 2004)
NV07  (Norwegian winner 2007)
WVW10 (World Veteran Winner 2010)
EUVW11 (European Veteran Winner 2011)
NVV11 (Norwegian Veteran Winner 2011)

Now she fulfill all my wishes for a dog – behave nicely, is very eager to learn  – and she is the most social dog I have ever had ! She simply loves people. She is also a very quick learner, and it is a big pleasure training with her 🙂

Positive sides:
Babs is very social towards people. She is very feminine of lovely type and with excellent angulations both in front and back. She has a very level and strong topline and a good, long neck. Her chest is very well developed and shaped. Her coat is long with excellent quality. She has a long tail witch she carries very well most of the time :-). When relaxed she moves with excellent long strides.

Negative sides:
I would like her to have a bit more bones and size. I would like a longer and not so falling croupe. I also would prefer a bit more undercoat. Mentally she could be more self confident and have more courage.